Do Alien Babies Really Exist?

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Alien Baby

From as early as the 1950’s there have been reports of people finding alien children both dead and living and there are some web pages on the world wide web devoted to suspected alien life forms. These sites feature numerous pictures claimed to be images of actual aliens that have been found throughout the years.

There are numerous persons who think wholeheartedly that these pictures of grown up and baby aliens are authentic while others think that they are elaborate pranks. Others say the children are malformed, while still a few think that they are ordinary human children with diseases or defects.

Whatever they are, the reality remains that some movies and images cannot be classified like the movie of the alien baby found in 2007 by a farmer in Mexico known as Marao Lopez. He is said to have discovered the alien baby breathing and drowned it in a ditch out of fear because it looked so strange. Lopez claimed that it took 3 attempts to drown the alien and that he had to hold it beneath the water for several hours before it finally died.

The remains was handed over to university scientists who ran DNA tests and scans to try and identify the corpse. Two years afterwards the scientists released the outcome of their test which they argued revealed that the creature is not human. They say the skeleton of the animal has lizard-like features but its teeth do not have any roots such as humans, it has a few similar joints like humans, and it would be able to keep under water for an extended time.

The animal’s eyes, ears and cranium were said to be larger than that of other upright earth animals and it was protected in a thin coating of skin. The back section of the creature’s cranium especially was big and therefore scientists concluded that it was very intelligent. But, by the time the corpse of the animal was handed over to scientists they claimed it had decayed too far to generate any consistent DNA results.

To further add to the mystery connected to the alien infant, Lopez was afterwards found scorched to death in a parked vehicle on the side of the road. It is alleged that the fire was a far higher temperature than that of normal fires and it is rumored that the parents of the alien baby are the ones responsible for Lopez’ killing as reprisal because he drowned the creature.

It is stated that there are many UFO sightings and crop circles in the area where the alien babies were discovered and that there was a second creature there when Lopez found the creature but that the other creature ran off. A few think that the baby was left behind intentionally by extraterrestrial but there is no clarification as to why.

While there are a few who strongly believe that the extraterrestrial baby exist, others are doubtful and do not believe the evidence to be sufficient. Check out the images and videos and you decide for yourself.