The Case Of The Alien Baby

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People are always interested in happenings or creatures that are from out of this world. The old saga of the existence of aliens has been in circulation since 1950. There have been numerous reports of alien babies being discovered in ditches. Noticing the rise in these unusual occurences, there are numerous websites dedicated to this particular subject. Most people believe that the pictures are authentic, whereas some people consider the whole thing as a hoax. Some believe that they are babies that are malnutritioned, whereas other skeptics believe they are children of human beings with deformities or diseases.

Be it real or fantasy, some theories about an alien baby are hard to dismiss. For instance, the Marao Lopez case in 2007. In this scenario, this farmer in Mexico, found a bizarre looking extra-terrestrial creature and drowned it in a ditch, out of fear. However, later he reported that he had to keep the alien submerged in water for two hours, before it died.

After disposing it, the remains were sent to the university researcher who performed numerous tests and examination on the body. The DNA tests and scans performed on the body, were chiefly done to identify the corpse. After two years of intensive research, the results were publicized. They said that, the creature was definitely not human. They mentioned that the creture had bones which had reptilian characterstics, more specifically, those resembling a lizard. Its teeth are not rooted, the way humans’ are. It’s joints were similar to humans and had the ability to stay under water for a long period of time.

The alien baby had ears, eyes and cranium that were larger, as compared to other terrestrial animals. It also had a thin coating of skin. The posterior of the creature’s brain is usually huge and mostly researchers conclude, that the creature possessed a high degree of intelligence. However, when the corpse of the creature had decomposed to such an extent, that evidence generated would not be fool-proof, and were only the result of assumptions.

To make matters more intriguing, the farmer who killed the baby alien was found charred to death, in a parked car. After examining the body, it was found that the flames of fire which killed Lopez were of a higher temperature than usual. There were some wide speculation, that the death was a revenge murder by the alien baby parents. To add the cherry on top, there have been numerous sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects or UFOs and crop circle near the place, where the “kid” was discovered. Here on, the rumors get wilder. Apparently, there was a second alien but it ran off. Other speculations mention that, the aliens were deliberately left there, but nobody seems to have any answer or logic for any of these claims.